Professional Profile

Facilitating web and mobile solutions for the government, military, education and business sectors for just shy of twenty years has been the building block of my successful career. A journey involving product design and development, project management along with design and programming.  Consequently, I am able to advantageously employ solutions with the utmost significance for my diverse clients.

Characterized as passionate, intelligent, caring and charismatic comes from taking an authentic interest in any project regardless of magnitude.  An endorsement ensuring my heart and soul are consistently interwoven into my work establishing a principled credibility.

Ergo, my acquisitions have amplified to encompass all roles in a project from original creation, investing, assembling talented developers together along with acquiring additional investors.  All of which affords a capacity to revere the invaluable efforts not only required for developing a product, but the endeavour to produce as well as monetize such a commodity.


Personal Interests

yuharOutside the realm of programming my love of family keeps me engaged in the great outdoors at our family cabin, which has over the years become a place of solace. Additionally, I have become a Cheer parent, whose sole purpose is to out cheer the other teams fans at competitions.  Honestly, just spending quality time laughing and enjoying the company of the ones I love is like food for my soul.

In terms of hobbies my time is spent on travel, cars and a healthy lifestyle.  Conjointly, I  possess a unique passion for supercars as I have always respected the ingenuity of the participants who build such incredible machines enveloped in power and precision.  As anyone, who is has been gifted with turning a passion into a career, I also spend personal time furthering my knowledge in the world of business.