Format : Multi
Complexity : Extreme
Launched : 2001
Status : Offline
Client: : Activbax

Activbax was my first real shot at a startup product. The idea evolved when I realized I could run full interactive flash applications in the Windows active desktop layer.

We built a software application that allowed users to manage interactive wallpapers that included 6 utilities and also install countless games and utilities, and run them directly from the desktop.

While we had some pretty good traction and big clients such as a few NHL teams and Taylor Made Golf, the dot bomb of 2001 finally led us to shutting the software down.

I was very proud however of what we created and how well it worked. We even had a couple knock-offs start to popup after we launched the highly visible Taylor Made version 🙂

Flash / AS2
Microsoft Access

Rat Creek – Graphics
Jason Brodeur – Visual Basic programming

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