Format : Multi
Complexity : Extreme
Launched : 2011
Status : Offline
Client: : Limebubble Inc.

One of the most complex projects I’ve ever produced, LimeBubble™ is an entire Application ecosystem which spans Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices. It includes a fully operational App Store complete with e-commerce, developer tools and API’s, as well as, desktop and mobile clients (tablet and smart phone) for all major platforms and OS’s. Including Microsoft, Apple, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

LimeBubble™ is a more than capable platform that takes advantage of the device that it’s being used on. Giving it a broad range of functionality for organizing, rationalizing and delivering multiple forms of data to virtually any device.

LimeBubble™ even has it’s own built in social ecosystem which allows us to tie into the most popular of social websites including Facebook ,Twitter and Google+. With this powerful capability, users are able to discover and discuss new HTML5 and Flash apps.

While LimeBubble pivoted into a different project, the original is still updated waiting it’s grand debut when the time is right 🙂

Android SDK
Blackberry SDK
Apache Flex SDK
HTML / Javascript / CSS
Angular JS

MTO – PHP, MySQL & all server related duties.
Neil Madsen – AIR Programming
Philter Design – AIR Programming

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