Math 3

Format : Web App
Complexity : High
Launched : 2005
Status : Online
Client: : Alberta Education

This was the most shining example of what can be accomplished when you get to lead a team of amazingly talented people.

Math 3 is one of the most fun projects we have had the privilege to work on. An extremely large resource with over 200 interactive learning objects, and a really cool navigation system (swimming fish are cool) and lot’s of cool Flash code.

Designing an application so large with very small load times and the ability for students to stop and come back without a back-end to save their progress posed some interesting challenges. All that were overcome.

P.S. If you visit this resource. When you see the gold fish, press CMD+CTRL+M+X at the same time 😉

Flash / AS2

Pulp Studios – Graphics

Screenshot Gallery